Part Forum.
Part Social Network.
(Mostly) Anonymous.

From sensuous LGBT+ romance to the darkest of fanfictions, BobaBoard is the safest way to experience fandom.

"On BobaBoard no one knows you ship "

Well, not exactly. On BobaBoard, no one does but your friends.

Interact with the world from the safety of a randomly generated identity. Interact with your connections—and make new ones!—as yourself.

Learn more about the philosophy behind anonymity-first in the Open Letter!

Go Nuts, Show Nuts, Vore Nuts
(Just Don’t Throw Them)

From LGBT+ headcanons, to raunchy Coffee Shop AUs, to the goriest murderfest ever to grace the internet, BobaBoard is the place to let your creative juices flow free!

But be mindful: BobaBoard is a moderated community with strong anti-harrasment and anti-bigotry policies.

Read about BobaBoard's approach to community guidelines in the FUCQs!

Your Home Away From Home

In an Internet choked by the ever-growing expectations of mainstream social identites, BobaBoard aims to be the space you can come remember the good ol’ parts of the good ol’ times.

Stay as little or as long as you want, spend some time drawing on oekaki boards, make some memes, give us your best headcanons... Then go back to your mainstream social networks, safe that what happens on BobaBoard stays on BobaBoard.

Keep in Touch!

Get the latest news on BobaBoard's development and its creator's other online endeavors.

Parental Advisory

In the interim, BobaBoard is a 18+ community created for a very specific target audience. Keep in touch for news on the creation of other independent communities.

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