About The Creator

A woman of many names, identities, and problematic interests, BobaBoard's creator has been around online fandoms for almost twenty years.

From fanfictions, to fanarts, to doujinshi scanlations, to fan-made games, to running events (and ideating a few unusual ones), to shitposts, to memes, to many things you can think of and some you can't—she's done it all.

In her real life, she's a software engineer with extensive experience across frontend, backend, and—nevermind her distaste for it—machine learning. As a diversity advocate, she's created initiatives attended by thousands of people and replicated across continents.

Her many interests include psychology, alternative sexualities, picking up new hobbies, and relentlessly quoting memes IRL.

Motivated by pure spite at Tumblr's sudden betrayal, she spent the past year immersed in a disparate series of endeavors: studying entrepreneurship, business, decentralized communities, and open source software; connecting with fandom scholars, journalists, community managers, and anyone who could help in the journey for better online communities; and finally—an important part of her creative process—ranting about the commercialization of the internet while smoking a bunch of weed.

Just imagine her as the IRL embodiment of this meme.

About Boba-Tan

  • Name: Isabella Molina
  • Age: 27
  • Nationality: Chilean
  • Occupation: Mascot
  • Time Spent Online: Way Too Much
  • Favorite Trope: Enemies to Lovers (but still Enemies)

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